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Advantages of buying property in Bulgaria

Why to invest into properties?

Due to the non-effective or non-performing stocks and shares, ever decreasing pension funds and low saving rates, people have increasingly been looking for alternative ways to invest in their future.

Land, houses and apartments are rapidly becoming a new pension for a big number of people.

More and more people are investing into their present, not only into the future. Some of them would like to become property magnates and to build up real estate portfolios using the house or apartment rent as an income. Others would like to become experts in rundown property purchase with investment potential, giving them a face lift, then sale up and move onwards and upwards.

With the recent rises at the real estate market, people have a lot of equity in their current properties to invest with. Property investments are booming now. Millions of people, as estimated, are planing to buy or invest into property.

Buy property overseas

Overseas property purchase has become increasingly popular with the British and Northern Europeans for various reasons: mainly the warm climate, affordable prices and investment opportunities. Due to the poor returns at the stock markets and uncertainty of pension fund's future, more and more people of moderate means invest their hard earned savings into bricks and mortar by buying a property abroad.

Retirement abroad

Retirement abroad is no longer the prerogative of rich and famous. The dream of owning a property overseas turns into reality for hundreds of thousands of people every year. Increasing number of pre-retirement age and the middle aged are buying overseas property (land, house or apartment) in the hope to use it as a permanent or semi-permanent home in their forthcoming retirement.

What lures people to leave their homes and look for the best place to live is not just a warm climate. Lower cost of living is also taken into consideration by people looking for a better quality of life, to what their pension can provide. Property in Bulgaria is becoming increasingly popular choice for retirement abroad for the above mentioned reasons

The place in the sun - Buy Holiday Homes in Bulgaria

More and more couples consider an option to buy land or apartment abroad and use it as a holiday home in summer and winter. Since the costs of travel dramatically falling, it is becoming cheaper and certainly more exciting to go abroad. Many people of moderate means realise that buying overseas property can not only become an ideal holiday home, but also provide a steady rental income. Property for sale in the emerging market of Bulgaria in the past few years has become a big attraction for investors and holiday home owners as they provide an affordable opportunity to own a place under the sun.

Property abroad - alternatives to pensions

Buying property abroad has proven to be an excellent investment over the long term. An underlying asset of the investment cannot be wiped out as easily as the value of the stocks and shares, thus it is not risky in comparing with more traditional forms of investments.

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