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No.1-155   Complex in Varna
Price Town Type
Region North Coast region Area
The Residential complex consists of five four storey residential buildings each with 16 apartments when only Building 1 is with 14 apartments.
Location: The Complex is located in the quarter of Vladislavovo and will be constructed according to the newly adopted norms of modern construction.
Implementation: The structure of the buildings will be modern and monolithic having reinforced concrete walls. The enclosing walls are planned to be of brick, 24 cm thick and to have 5 cm heat insulation. The internal barrier walls will be made of 12 cm brick wall. The roof and façade surfaces will constructed with the respective waterproofing and heat insulation, plasters and revetments. A living comfort, integrity and durability of the structure will be secured by this treatment.
Security: What makes the Project unique is the fact that it will be the first housing complex with limited access in the city following the example of the western modern quarters. It is made for the purpose of protecting the complex infrastructure and ensuring the security of the complex residents and their guests.
Calm: The future residents will enjoy space, greenery and alleys, in which they can take a walk undisturbed by the noise of the stressful city atmosphere.
Conveniences: The vehicles of the future owners are also considered. The Complex will have underground car park, garages and over-ground parking lots, this way the usual problems of parking in the city will be avoided. There will be premises for commercial activities. The proximity of the hypermarkets of the chains Piccadilly, METRO and Technomarket is an additional plus for the future residents.
Date of completion - November 2008
Price from ? 495 to ? 565 per sq. m.
More price info : 1-155Prices.xls
More price info : 1-155Продажби.xls

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